The villa

Villa Rapondi, a location in the Lucca hills The wonderful landscape of the Tuscan hills Villa Rapondi, external

The antique 1640 inscription One of the ancient walls of Villa Rapondi A wall of Villa Rapondi

The meeting hall

The park

Trees in the park of Villa Rapondi Flowers Panorama of the park of Villa Rapondi with its age-old olive trees

The cypresses of the park Entrance of Villa Rapondi A view of the park of Villa Rapondi

The entrance with the cypresses The park of Villa Rapondi
  • Receptions and ceremonies Receptions
    Location for ceremonies and parties in Lucca

  • Meetings Meetings
    Park and
    convention hall

  • Services Services
    The services offered by Villa Rapondi

  • Farming business The farm Villa Rapondi is also a farming business

  • Il Battistero apartment Il Battistero
    Apartment for rent in Lucca town centre