The history of Villa Rapondi

The 1640 stone in Villa Rapondi
A stone... what? Yes, really a crushed stone with a strange inscription, there, where there is the stall... I said it in an autumnal sunny day during the restoration works. I discovered something antique, very antique. Dino Rapondi, domus, 1600. It was in Latin. There was a lot of history behind those thick stone walls.

One of the ancient walls of Villa Rapondi A history of bankers, of French upper middle class, of dukes and gonfaloniers. The peeled plaster, the walls and the wooden oak-beamed conveyed charm, the same charm that you perceive still now in our location. It was my own challenge: I should manage to discover everything about that place. Partly I managed it, partly I will never manage it. Day after day we discover a lot of information that I love learn and tell you...

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