Villa Rapondi is also a location for private parties and events

Villa Rapondi, location in Lucca, Tuscany Villa Rapondi is a location suitable for every kind of private parties, as birthday or degree parties: an exclusive, suggestive and unforgettable place. For a birthday or for a special event as a degree party, Villa Rapondi is the ideal place for an exclusive party.

Villa Rapondi is a wonderful location for parties and receptions Villa Rapondi is not only parties, but also organization of events: in fact it is the ideal set for exibitions of paintings and presentations of books. For painters or authors who want to expose or present their works in a beautiful set as the hills of Lucca and the Tuscan country, Villa Rapondi is the most congenial choice. Besides the villa, also its wonderful park could offer quiet and thoughtlessness to the guests or the public.

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