Villa Rapondi and its park

Villa Rapondi, the ideal location in Lucca, Tuscany
My opinion on Villa Rapondi is certainly for you not much impartial, because it is influenced by emotional factors and by memories, but I am sure that when you go beyond that wrought iron gate, your objective opinion will be the same as mine.

An image of the park of Villa Rapondi The villa characterized by stone walls which are more than one meter thick, by wooden oak-beamed, old floors done in terracotta tiles coming from convents which exist no more, is an historical and charm location and with its lemon-house, which is close to it and with the same characteristics, create the ideal atmosphere for events such as ceremonies (weddings, Baptisms, First Communions), private parties, degree parties, meetings, exhibitions and fashion shows, beside being the ideal location for advertisings and films.

The walls of stone in Villa Rapondi But the charm of Rapondi Villa is not only linked to its history, but also to its territory: you can think about its vegetation, its plants and animals; in fact the hills that surrounded the villa are ones of the most famous of Tuscany and of the area of Lucca. Villa Rapondi rises on the top of one of these hills, in the characteristic village of San Pancrazio, which is about 10 kms distant from the historic centre of Lucca; from this point Villa Rapondi overlooks all the plain with its six hectares of park. In clear days your gaze sweeps from Lucca to the hills of Pisa, from Montecarlo to the area of Bientina. More than 1000 age-old olive trees characterize the landscape giving to it a stroke of green; lemon trees, roses and gerani brighten up the land with their colours such as yellow, red and white.

Some images of the villa

The green park of Villa Rapondi in the Tuscan hills Some trees in the park of Villa Rapondi The wonderful view over the hills of Lucca

Flowers in Villa Rapondi A wall of the villa The villa in the green Tuscan hills

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